Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a mythical adventure game where you play Fenyx, exploring the huge open world, solving puzzles and fighting evil fantasy creatures. Fenyx is a newly winged demigod, who was prophesied to be the one to save the Greek Gods' home on Olympus from an evil curse. It's like Zelda Breath of the Wild but with Greek gods.



Bad Language,

Moderate Violence,



PlayStation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4


Puzzle Solving
Open Play
Over 30 hours


Player vs Enemies
Team with Game Allies

It's a game that offers a fresh look at the Prometheus and Zeus Greek legends. The main objective is to defeat Typhon, the deadliest Titan in Greek mythology and as you progress you'll be able to customise your character and gain new weapons and blessings from the god for restoring order to regions of the world.

The world you play in is both large and varied. Each region is designed for a specific Greek god. Almost everything is climbable, including cliffs and massive mountains. Dotted throughout the landscape are glowing red Tartaros Rifts that offer otherworldly dungeons to solve.

When you encounter monsters you must fight them with quick, versatile, and acrobatic battle play. Light sword attacks can inflict quick flurries of damage, heavy axe attacks can break through shields, and a well-aimed arrow shot can do immense damage to unsuspecting enemies.

The result is a game that offers an expansive world to explore, a story to embark on and countless puzzles to solve. It takes the Zelda-style adventures in a simpler direction with fewer puzzles and more direct combat.

Good to know

Insights to ensure your child's gaming experience remains safe and enjoyable

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Consider time investment

Adventure games often take a long time to finish. Encourage regular breaks to get moving, rest their eyes and balance their time with other activities.

Nurture key skills

Many adventure games incorporate problem solving and critical thinking, important skills for school, work and more offline. Talk to them about their game to see how it supports them and their goals.

Build resilience

Encourage children to take risks with their characters in-game to safely learn potential consequences. Talk about what might happen outside of the game and why it's important to keep those risks in-game only. While playing, encourage them to think about innovative risks their character can take.

Skill level

Suggested by Family Gaming Database

The character development, exciting open world and fantastical creatures make this a good alternative to Assassin's Creed-style games. Young players who loved Skylanders will happily graduate to this here.

Content rating

Bad Language
Moderate Violence

Rated PEGI 12 for depictions of moderate violence to humans, sexual innuendo and use of bad language. This game contains frequent depictions of non-realistic-looking violence towards human-like characters. Bright lights and magical effects appear when characters are struck. Characters let out cries of pain and numbers appear indicating the amount of damage that is being inflicted. When their health bar has been depleted, characters fall to the ground with no visible injuries. There are infrequent examples of realistic violence of a minor nature towards humans. In cutscenes, people are seen being forcibly pushed or tackled to the floor. They let out cries of pain but show no physical injuries of any kind. Characters make suggestive jokes involving innuendo about body parts and sexual activities. The game also includes infrequent use of bad language ('shit' and 'asshole').


There are 44 accessibility features for
Immortals Fenyx Rising

Balance Audio Levels
Play Without Hearing
Visual Cues for Audio Events
Visual Depiction of Directional Audio

Adjust Mouse/Stick/Touch Sensitivity
Holding Down Buttons Optional
Informative Vibration
Invert X/Y Axis
Mouse and Controller
Mouse and Keys
Multiple Buttons & Two Sticks
Remap Buttons
Remap Extra Mouse Buttons
Remap Mouse and Keyboard
Remap Sticks
Select Preset Controller Mappings
Vibration Optional

Adjustable Anytime
Customise Difficulty
Select Difficulty

Assistance With Controls
Assisted Progress With Hints
Low Vision Onboarding
Practice Area
Save Progress Anytime
View Control Mapping

Adjust Head-Up Display
Clear Mission Objectives
Head-Up Display Navigation
Large Clear Navigation
Menu Narrated
Menus Don't Wrap
Visual Directional Cues

All Speech Subtitled (Or No Speech In Game)
High Contrast Text
Large Clear Text
Moderate Reading
Speaker Indicator, their Tone and Environment Sounds

Audio Cues for Visual Events
Colour Adjustments
Medium Contrast
Motion Sickness Friendly

Data by Family Gaming Database

Game details


PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Release date

December 3, 2020

No. of players

This is a single-player game.


Action | Adventure

In-game purchases


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