Season: A Letter to the Future

Season: A Letter to the Future is a narrative adventure about a young woman sent out from her secluded community to explore the world for the first time. She is tasked with documenting life in a local valley before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything away. Unusually, you do this by taking photos and recording sounds that trigger memories and stories about the world and your place in it.




PlayStation 5
PlayStation 4


Problem Solving


In the game, you explore the world on your bicycle and document what you find with photographs, sound recordings and drawings. At any point, you can hop off your bike to capture different things; sound, music, art and architecture, voices of old people, vanishing religious practices, and the traces of seasons long past. As you do you peel back the layers of this mystery until you’re able to grasp the culture, history, and ecology underneath everything.

Your goal is to find as much of the world as you can, to protect these treasures from being forgotten. It's a quest where you discover a new world and different societies. As you meet and interact with people you create a unique story.

What you choose to do, what you choose to record, and what you come to understand about this unique universe evolve as you explore. You can't help everyone and must make choices about what and who you spend time recording and helping. This impacts not only the world but also how the adventure ends for you.

On PlayStation 5 the DualSense controller is used for immersion. Adaptive triggers are used to pedal your bicycle, the resistance will vary depending on your speed and the steepness of the road. You feel the texture of the ground change as you cycle over different terrain, using the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback.

It's a game about prayer and memory and being held up by our ancestors. Through this, it questions the myth of progress. Collecting items for the time capsule in a world with limited time highlights the importance of holding onto what we have created. We chart the heights of society, but also how fragile and transitory culture is in the scheme of things.

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Skill level age

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Although you could get around the game as a younger player, you need substantial perseverance to dig into the different locations and piece together what is happening. It's a slow game that you need patience and inquisitiveness to enjoy.

Content rating


Rated PEGI 3.


There are 26 accessibility features for
Season: A Letter to the Future

Play Without Hearing
Visual Cues for Audio Events

Holding Down Buttons Optional
Informative Vibration
Keyboard Alone
Multiple Buttons & Two Sticks
No Simultaneous Buttons
Rapid Repeated Pressing Optional

Bank Progress With Frequent Checkpoints
Low Pressure
No Jump Scares
Reaction-Time Not Critical

Game Map

All Dialogue is Voice Acted (Or No Speech In Game)
All Speech Subtitled (Or No Speech In Game)
High Contrast Text
Large Clear Subtitles
Large Clear Text
Moderate Reading
Speaker Indicator

Audio Cues for Visual Events
Audio Depiction of Event Location
No Flashes
No Screen Shake
Outline Interactive Elements

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Game details


PlayStation 5, PC, PlayStation 4

Release date

January 31, 2023

No. of players

This is a single-player game.


Collecting | Narrative

In-game purchases


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