EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is a sports game designed to simulate the players, tactics and crescendo moments of top-flight football. Play involves picking players and setting tactics before controlling each of your team in turn on the pitch. Its simulation is intricate detailed with stats and physics developed over many years, but is most notable for how it leverages this for an enjoyable and highly competitive game of football.




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PlayStation 4


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As with the FIFA games, FC 24 refines the playing experience to create a more realistic game. This year there's a focus on rhythm and fluidity using match volumetric data to ensure the game captures the feel of real top-tier matches. Players and kits are modelled using real-world physics to add to the authentic feel of the game.

You can choose to progress in a number of ways. For example, you can focus on the pitch as a player. Or perhaps you want to concentrate on being a touchline manager in the Player Career or Manager Career modes. Then there are the FIFA Ultimate team aspects of collecting the best players by purchasing and opening football-stick-style packs.

The result is a game that is hugely popular with football fans and players looking for a competitive challenge. Going head-to-head with friends or working through the ranks online continues to be an experience young players love.

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Healthy competition

These games often involve competition, either against AI opponents or other players. This can be enjoyable and promote healthy competition. However, sometimes it can lead to frustration and anger, which might be a sign to take a break. Talk to your child about recognising these feelings and taking breaks when the game is no longer fun.

Improve sports skills

Video games based on sport can help children develop an interest and greater understanding of rules within the sport. Explore the sport outside of the video game to support their interests and develop their skills.

Balance with Other Activities

Children often play sport video games because of interest in the sport itself. Balance their gaming time with playing the real sport together.

Skill level age

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Younger players need to be able to cope with moving around the pitch and chasing down opponents to tackle. Quick reactions are important to shoot at the right time. Opting for easier difficulty and one button and stick controls makes this more approachable.

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Rated PEGI 3.


There are 27 accessibility features for
EA Sports FC 24

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1 Button & Single Stick
Multiple Buttons & Single Stick
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Adjust Speed
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No Busy Backgrounds

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Game details


PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Release date

September 28, 2023

No. of players

You can play with 1 to 4 players in the same room or as a 4-player online game.


Action | Collecting | Sports

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EA Sports FC 24

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