Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an online game where you play a pirate searching for treasure and adventure. Cast into a large open sea you work with other online players to crew your ship and find treasure. The game has a main story but really focuses on creating opportunities for emergent gameplay where players team up and go on adventures together.



Mild Violence


Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Parent-Child Co-Play


Co-Op Online
Multiplayer Online Cross-Platform

Although a bit daunting at first, players soon learn how to control the ship and the ways to work with other players. Over time this results in the sort of imaginative free play you might find in a playground fort. New ways of collaborating and traditions of celebrating success or commiserating over failure also emerge.

You collect coins by completing missions called voyages, taking loot from other ships, or raiding a skeleton fort that contains large amounts of gold. This is used for cosmetic items such as weapons and equipment skins, clothing and ship cosmetics. You can also purchase cosmetic items with real money.

Sea of Thieves, like other evolving games such as No Man's Sky, has developed over the years adding more content and combative elements. The game mythology and back story have become more fleshed out with new missions and story elements.

Good to know

Insights to ensure your child's gaming experience remains safe and enjoyable

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Set time limits

Set screen time boundaries to get your child moving regularly and to give their eyes a break. Find options available through parental controls available on the console or in-game.

Manage online interactions

Multiplayer games can pose additional contact risks from both people the child knows and doesn't know, commonly in the form of bullying or hate. Talk about what positive behaviour looks like and review in-game settings and console parental controls to keep them safe.

Highlight safety features

For games where your child might interact with others online, make sure you review tools like report and block to help them stay safe.

Skill level

Suggested by Family Gaming Database

You need a range of skills to enjoy this. From working with other people, planning missions, and not being put off by failures. This is on top of the general seafaring and fighting. Older teenagers enjoy finding new ways to play and interacting with other teams, ticking them or working together to their advantage.

Content rating

Mild Violence

Rated PEGI 12 for frequent scenes of mild violence. Violence consists of you using your pistol or cutlass against a variety of human and non-human enemies. Blood and injuries are not shown and foes disappear upon defeat.


There are 28 accessibility features for
Sea of Thieves

Balance Audio Levels

No Online Chat (Or Preset Phrases Only)
Proximity Chat
Text Chat
Voice Chat

Holding Down Buttons Optional
Mouse and Controller
Mouse and Keys
Multiple Buttons & Single Stick
Multiple Buttons & Two Sticks
Rapid Repeated Pressing Optional
Remap Buttons
Remap One Action to Multiple Buttons

View Control Mapping

Head-Up Display Narrated

All Dialogue is Voice Acted (Or No Speech In Game)
All Speech Subtitled (Or No Speech In Game)
High Contrast Text
Large Clear Text
Moderate Reading

Audio Cues for Visual Events
Audio Depiction of Event Location
Colour Blind Friendly
Large Game Elements
Medium Contrast

Data by Family Gaming Database

Game details


Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X|S

Release date

March 20, 2018, updated in 2023

No. of players

You can play this by yourself or as a 24-player online game.


Role-Play | Traversal

In-game purchases


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