Fortnite is an online multiplayer shooting game where 100 people compete to be the last player standing. You stealthily traverse the world to collect weapons, out-maneuvering and out-gunning your opponents, while a storm gradually shrinks the playable area. It stands out not only for popularising the battle-royale all-against-one genre but for how intelligent base-building and fieldcraft are just as important as quick reactions and fast shooting.



Mild Violence


Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5


Good Challenge
Popular Choice
Social Play
Low Pressure


Competitive Online
Multiplayer Online Cross-Platform

This simple play mechanic creates knife-edge finales when just a few players are left in the eye of the storm. Along with an ongoing commitment to adding narrative, geographical, weapon and outfit enhancements, the developer has built a huge audience of online players.

Although often bemoaned in the press, Fortnite is a healthy game that encourages "soft" skills like smart thinking, social interaction, planning and strategy as well as "harder" skills like quick reactions and hand-eye coordination.

Fortnite also includes a wide range of other activities as well as shooting gunplay. There are online concerts, building games and other modes like Prophunt where players can transform into items in the world (bushes, doors, toilets, tractors) and then have the seeker players try and find them.

Good to know

Insights to ensure your child's gaming experience remains safe and enjoyable

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Online Interactions

Some contact risks exist with multiplayer games such as bullying and online hate. Talk to your child about online etiquette, the importance of reporting any inappropriate behaviour and how to report or block an unkind player if they need to.

Violent content

Some video games include violent content, but how it's portrayed may vary from cartoon violence to that which is more realistic. Review the game's rating to ensure what your child sees is suitable for their development, use parental controls to set content age limits and talk regularly about how the violence they see in-game makes them feel.

Real vs. Fantasy

Some shooting games may show cartoon-style violence with silly reactions that would not be realistic outside of the game. Talk to your child about what the result of the same action might be outside of the game and why it's important to keep in the game.

Skill level

Suggested by Family Gaming Database

Although you need good reactions and aiming skills to do well, the game aims to match you against players of the same ability. When you first start as a newcomer there are often easy-to-beat computer players in the matches to help you get started.

Content rating

Mild Violence

Rated PEGI 12 for frequent mild violence. Violence consists of you using whatever weapons you can find or make to defeat the other players with damage being dealt by numbers and life bars. The players disappear in a blue light when defeated.


There are 25 accessibility features for

Balance Audio Levels
Play Without Hearing
Visual Cues for Audio Events
Visual Depiction of Directional Audio

Holding Down Buttons Optional
Inputs Documented
Invert X/Y Axis
Motion Aiming
Mouse and Keys
Multiple Buttons & Two Sticks
Rapid Repeated Pressing Optional
Remap Buttons
Remap Mouse and Keyboard

Assistance With Controls

Large Clear Navigation

All Speech Subtitled (Or No Speech In Game)
Large Clear Subtitles
Large Clear Text
Simple Minimal Reading

Audio Cues for Visual Events
Audio Depiction of Event Location
Colour Blind Friendly
Large Game Elements
Medium Contrast
Motion Sickness Friendly

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Game details


Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 5

Release date

July 25, 2017, updated in 2018

No. of players

This is a 100-player online game.


Shooting | Traversal

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