Subnautica is an open-world adventure where you explore the ocean on an alien planet after crashlanding. You collect resources and fight creatures to survive. This enables you to establish an underwater base, gain new craft and equipment and explore deeper into the sea. As you do, things get eerie and the game reveals itself to have thrilling horror elements.



Mild Violence


PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Xbox Series X|S


Good Challenge


Player vs Enemies

Your main objective is to explore the ocean and survive its dangers, while also completing tasks to advance the plot. You collect resources, craft tools, bases, and even submersibles. The largest part of the game is underwater although there are two islands to explore.

You can play in different modes. Survival means you have to deal with depleting health, hunger, thirst and oxygen. You can respawn if you die but lose items. Freedom mode means hunger and thirst are disabled but otherwise like Survival. Hardcore mode means if you die you have to restart from the beginning. Creative mode means that health and thirst are disabled and you also have access to all crafting without the need for resources.

It creates an experience that invites you to dive into an underwater ocean. There’s an open and immersive watery world to discover. Construction is predictably challenging, with air pressure and resources, it's a battle to keep balanced. These housekeeping concerns are as occupying as the daunting, enigmatic and mysterious depths of Subnautica’s world. Although set in the future, Subnautica draws back a curtain on the real underwater worlds we know but can’t explore in a prolonged way.

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Consider time investment

Adventure games often take a long time to finish. Encourage regular breaks to get moving, rest their eyes and balance their time with other activities.

Nurture key skills

Many adventure games incorporate problem solving and critical thinking, important skills for school, work and more offline. Talk to them about their game to see how it supports them and their goals.

Build resilience

Encourage children to take risks with their characters in-game to safely learn potential consequences. Talk about what might happen outside of the game and why it's important to keep those risks in-game only. While playing, encourage them to think about innovative risks their character can take.

Skill level age

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Along with navigating the deep ocean, you need to build and expand your base. Efficient use of resources and inquisitiveness to discover new creatures are both important.

Content rating

Mild Violence

Rated PEGI 7 for frequent mild violence and scenes that younger children may find disturbing. Violence is very mild and is viewed entirely in the first person. Fend off alien creatures with your survival knife. Although some of the aliens bleed a little, injuries are not visible. Some locations can be dark and combined with strange creatures, may be scary to younger children.


There are 14 accessibility features for

Balance Audio Levels
Visual Cues for Audio Events

Adjust Mouse/Stick/Touch Sensitivity
Invert X/Y Axis
Mouse and Keys
Multiple Buttons & Two Sticks
Remap Buttons
Remap Mouse and Keyboard
Remap One Action to Multiple Buttons
Remap Sticks

Select Difficulty

All Dialogue is Voice Acted (Or No Speech In Game)
Moderate Reading
Some Speech Subtitled

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Game details


PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S

Release date

April 11, 2016, updated in 2018

No. of players

This is a single-player game.


Adventure | Traversal

In-game purchases


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