Stray is an adventure traversal game about a cat lost in a futuristic city where robots live. You guide your feline friend in and out of buildings, across roads and generally poke your nose in to see what is going on.



Moderate Violence


PlayStation 5
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Puzzle Solving
Decision Making
Good Timing
Route Planning


Player vs Enemies

It's a combination of exploration and puzzle-solving interspersed with more fast-paced action sequences. You have a pack on your back that enables you to interact with the environment.

But, similar to games like Limbo or Inside, the real focus is the story and the setting of the game. "Lost, alone, and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find the way home." It's a game that asks questions about human survival and our relationship with machines. What better creature than a cat to unlock humanity's forgotten future?

Good to know

Insights to ensure your child's gaming experience remains safe and enjoyable

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Consider time investment

Adventure games often take a long time to finish. Encourage regular breaks to get moving, rest their eyes and balance their time with other activities.

Nurture key skills

Many adventure games incorporate problem solving and critical thinking, important skills for school, work and more offline. Talk to them about their game to see how it supports them and their goals.

Build resilience

Encourage children to take risks with their characters in-game to safely learn potential consequences. Talk about what might happen outside of the game and why it's important to keep those risks in-game only. While playing, encourage them to think about innovative risks their character can take.

Skill level

Suggested by Family Gaming Database

The skill here is more choosing traversal routes and observation to find things rather than platforming timing.

Content rating

Moderate Violence

Rated PEGI 12 for moderate violence. The player's cat character can be attacked by large flea-like creatures, which causes the cat to meow and the screen to turn red. If the cat is unable to shake off the creatures, it falls over and players restart at the last checkpoint. The creatures can be killed if a light is shone on them, causing them to pop. Later in the game, the cat character must avoid being shot by electric lasers emitted by sentry drones. Again, if the cat is hit by the laser beams, the screen turns red and the cat falls over. No blood or injuries are depicted.


There are 17 accessibility features for

Balance Audio Levels
Play Without Hearing

Adjust Mouse/Stick/Touch Sensitivity
Invert X/Y Axis
Mouse and Keys
Multiple Buttons & Two Sticks
No Simultaneous Buttons
Remap Buttons
Remap Mouse and Keyboard

Save Progress Anytime

Digital Menu Navigation

Simple Minimal Reading
Some Speech Subtitled
Speaker Indicator

Audio Cues for Visual Events
Colour Blind Friendly

Data by Family Gaming Database

Game details


PlayStation 5, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Release date

July 19, 2022, updated in 2023

No. of players

This is a single-player game.


Adventure | Traversal

In-game purchases


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