Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi's Crafted World is a running and jumping game where you control a friendly dinosaur, Yoshi in a hand-made world of paper-craft. You work through each level, eating or jumping on enemies while searching for hidden items and collectables. It stands out for being both welcoming for new players and offering a cooperative challenge for parents and children.



Mild Violence


Nintendo Switch


Good Timing
Parent-Child Co-Play
Popular Choice
Rural Life
Simple Fun


Co-Op Assistant Role

The world is made to look like it is handcrafted and can be flipped to see behind objects. This gives the experience a tactile feel and invites exploration. It's a more explorative take on the Mario-style platform games from Nintendo.

There is real variety here, not only in how the game looks but how it is played. Many levels have unique ways of interacting and progressing. For example, using magnets to create platforms and move obstacles, using a dinosaur skull to crash through platforms or using a punching contraption to clear the way.

You can also unlock some really creative costumes for Yoshi to wear while you are playing. These sound like a bit of fluff, but the range of options here makes it a nice addition.

Good to know

Insights to ensure your child's gaming experience remains safe and enjoyable

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Review difficulty level

Some children might feel frustrated with different game levels or obstacles. Talk to them about recognising when it's time to take a break and turn their attention somewhere else. Often, when they come back relaxed, they're more likely to find success.

Master skills together

Some platform games require a lot of skill and combination movements, which can be frustrating to master. For younger players, set time aside to help them learn and practise the skills.

Build resilience

Platform games can promote perseverance. Encourage children to "try, try again" until they succeed while taking regular breaks.

Skill level age

Suggested by Family Gaming Database


Very young players can enjoy the Mellow Mode that reduces damage and lets you fly. Parents and children can work together in a mode that lets one player carry the other. One of you controls movement and the other shoots.

Content rating

Mild Violence

Rated PEGI 3 for occasional, very mild violence in a comical or abstract context. Yoshi has a variety of attacks available to fend off enemies. Yoshi can jump on the heads of enemies, swallow them, or throw eggs at them. All reactions to the violence are mild and cartoony. Even though the game features some boss fights, none of the boss characters are likely to be disturbing to younger children. The game features a cartoony clownlike character that wields an axe.


There are 20 accessibility features for
Yoshi's Crafted World

Play Without Hearing
Visual Cues for Audio Events

Informative Vibration
Multiple Buttons & Single Stick
Select Preset Controller Mappings

Adjustable Anytime
Customise Difficulty

Guaranteed Progress With God Mode
Low Pressure

Visual Directional Cues

All Speech Subtitled (Or No Speech In Game)
High Contrast Text
Large Clear Subtitles
Large Clear Text
Simple Minimal Reading
Speaker Indicator

Large Game Elements
Medium Contrast
Outline Interactive Elements

Data by Family Gaming Database

Game details


Nintendo Switch

Release date

May 29, 2019

No. of players

You can play with 1 to 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.


Action | Platform

In-game purchases


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