Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn is a running and jumping game starring Nintendo's Kirby character who can absorb enemies to gain their abilities and powers. It's set in Patch Land, a world made completely out of fabric. You use your platforming skills to collect seven pieces of magic yarn that are used to stitch Patch Land back together.



Mild Violence


Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 2DS|3DS


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Play is the usual running, jumping and stomping on enemies. Only here both protagonist and baddies are made of yarn, fabric, and other craft materials. Instead of being able to inhale enemies or fly, you can morph into other objects to gain new abilities: a parachute, a car, and a submarine, as well as larger objects such as a tank and a steam train.

Kirby can move faster by turning into automotive vehicles while on the ground, and he transforms into a submarine when going underwater. Some levels feature special transformations that give Kirby unique abilities, like the missile-launching tank, a fire truck and a steam train.

Each stage is completed by getting to the exit on the right. But along the way, your task is to collect beads to gain one of four different ranking medals (wood, bronze, silver or gold). The beads can be used to purchase furniture and wallpaper for Kirby's apartment between levels. If you get hit by enemies you lose your beads but you can't ever completely die.

A 3DS version of the game, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, was released in 2019. This introduced a new difficulty level, Devilish Mode that makes it possible to die and have to restart the level. At the same time, even on Devilish Mode, the 3DS version makes things easier with new ravel abilities to help you on your way. It also offered Amiibo support, as using any Kirby-related Amiibo figure will grant players new hats and abilities. It was re-released digitally on the Wii U and followed up with Yoshi's Woolly World and Yoshi's Crafted World

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Review difficulty level

Some children might feel frustrated with different game levels or obstacles. Talk to them about recognising when it's time to take a break and turn their attention somewhere else. Often, when they come back relaxed, they're more likely to find success.

Master skills together

Some platform games require a lot of skill and combination movements, which can be frustrating to master. For younger players, set time aside to help them learn and practise the skills.

Build resilience

Platform games can promote perseverance. Encourage children to "try, try again" until they succeed while taking regular breaks.

Skill level age

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Really young players . A more experienced parent or sibling can help them in two-player mode - they can stand on each other and carry each other. The crafted fabric world can often lead to wanting to make crafty things after playing. The narrative segments are voiced by a television-sounding voice actor.

Content rating

Mild Violence

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is Rated PEGI 3 for occasional, very mild violence in a comical or abstract context. Characters are made out of colourful cloth and vanish when hit. This game has a very light-hearted theme/style.


There are 18 accessibility features for
Kirby's Epic Yarn

Balance Audio Levels
Play Without Hearing

Motion Aiming
Multiple Buttons & Single Stick

Adjustable Between Levels
Select Difficulty

Guaranteed Progress With God Mode
Low Pressure

All Dialogue is Voice Acted (Or No Speech In Game)
All Speech Subtitled (Or No Speech In Game)
High Contrast Text
Large Clear Text
Simple Minimal Reading

Audio Cues for Visual Events
Large Game Elements
Medium Contrast
Outline Interactive Elements

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Game details


Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 2DS|3DS

Release date

October 17, 2010, updated in 2019

No. of players

You can play with 1 to 2 players in the same room, but you can’t play it online.


Action | Platform

In-game purchases


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